ACCC Communications Staff Honored for National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week

National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week (NPSTW) is celebrated every second week of April to express gratitude and acknowledge and honor the work of telecommunications personnel in public safety. Seventeen (17) telecommunications staff are employed by ACCC in its Communications division, working round-the-clock, 24 hours day, 7 days a week.

On a daily basis, ACCC’s Communications Staff receive and document thousands of phone calls yearly from program participants, beginning and ending each with a sense of calm while remaining level-headed and telephonically demonstrating assertiveness, kindness, compassion, empathy, and respect when assisting participants in times of stress, worry, and uncertainty. As if that’s not enough, ACCC’s exceptional multi-tasking Communications Staff also closely monitor the whereabouts of over 500 individuals on average on GPS-monitoring/electronic monitoring each day, in addition to installing and troubleshooting participants’ monitoring equipment, processing  over one million GPS alerts yearly, processing clients’ weekly schedules and dispatching Home Detention Officers.

To honor the work ACCC’s Communications staff do and the sacrifices they make for their community, ACCC and its program participants, and field personnel, ACCC acknowledges each of their public safety telecommunicators the week of April 10th.  ACCC celebrates you, appreciates you, and could not fulfill its mission and dedication to public safety without each of you.

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