Happy Human Resource Professionals Day

Happy Human Resource Professionals Day! Today, on Tuesday, September 26th, we have a wonderful opportunity to recognize and celebrate the contributions of our five (5) dedicated HR Professionals who work tirelessly to support our agency’s success.

Human Resource Professionals Day was first introduced by Governor-General Sir Patrick Allen back in October 2013, with the aim to acknowledge and celebrate the pivotal role that HR professionals play in nurturing and developing human capital, which is essential for the success of any organization.

Our agency’s HR Professionals carry out a multitude of critical responsibilities that are vital to our agency’s smooth operation. They most importantly work hard to support and encourage positive relationships with our most valuable assets – our employees. Their primary goal is to ensure that our team members thrive and that their well-being is protected. This involves assisting the EMT in recruiting the right candidates, conducting interviews, processing payroll, and meticulously maintaining employee records.

In addition to these tasks, our HR team is responsible for a wide range of vital functions, including people support and management, employee benefits administration, agency culture cultivation, compensation planning, training and development, risk management, technology integration, and generally supporting agency maintenance and growth.

As we celebrate HR Professionals Day, I encourage each of us to take a moment to express our gratitude to our HR Professionals—Phil,  Craig, Corrie, Kelly & Terry. Their dedication, knowledge, and hard work are large contributors to our agency’s continued success.

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