Advisory Board

Advisory Board Members

The Fort Wayne and Allen County community come together for common purpose of administering to the needs of law enforcement and detention in our community. The persons at the table today go further by committing resources and cooperation with Community Corrections to better the lives of the individuals we serve. We are thankful for your contribution and continue to look forward to ongoing collaboration and mutual support

Therese Brown
Commissioner, Allen County
Pos: Lay Person/Commissioner Appt.
Honorable Wendy Davis, Judge **
Allen Circuit Court
Position: Judge with Criminal Jurisdiction
David Gladieux
Sheriff, Allen County
Position: County Sheriff
April Winfield
Allen County Juvenile Center
Juvenile Probation Officer
Honorable Frances Gull, Judge *
Allen Superior Court
Position: Judge with Criminal Jurisdiction
Elisha Harris, Assistant Chaplain
Allen County Jail Ministry
Pos: Ex-Offender
Mayor Tom Henry
Mayor of Fort Wayne
Pos: Executive / Mayor
Rev. Bill McGill ***
Pos: Lay Person/Commissioner Appt.
William Lebrato
Chief Public Defender
Pos: Public Defender
Charles Clark
Park Center, Inc.
Pos: Mental Health Administrator
Christopher Spurr
Allen County Council Member
 * Chairperson
** Vice-Chairperson
*** Secretary/Treasurer
Ashley Inge
Allen County Juvenile Center
Pos: JDAI Coordinator
F. Nelson Peters, IV
Commissioner, Allen County
Pos: Other
Honorable Andrea R. Trevino, Judge
Allen Superior Court
Pos: Judge with Juvenile Jurisdiction
Gradlin (Grady) Pruitt
L.C. Ward Education Center
Pos: Education Administrator
Karen Richards
Prosecuting Attorney, Allen County
Pos: Prosecutor
Melissa Hayden
Department of Child Services
Pos: Director
Jessica Crozier
Fort Wayne Police Department
Pos: Victim/Victim Advocate
Eric Zimmerman
Adult Probation Department, Chief
Pos: Probation Officer
Laura Maser
Pos: Of Counsel / County Attorney
Advisory Board – Non-Member
Honorable David Zent, Judge
Allen Superior Court
Appointed by Commissioners
Kim Churchward
Allen County Community Corrections, Executive Dir.
Pos: Ex-Officio / Agency Executive